We at Custom Fit Design celebrate everyone’s uniqueness and believe that each client requires to be treated as an individual in order to cater for their specific needs. As what our name represents, our value is allowing every client to be different, an individual. We encourage everyone to be different and we do this by offering our clients the opportunity to have customised designs sporting apparel. At CFD we have our team of designers whom can create and replicate designs to your requirements.

We at CFD are excited to launch our products and services to our Australian market. Our production team abroad manufactures functional apparel across multiple sporting disciplines including basketball, cycling, netball, football, rugby, golf and to name just a few. While we are able to materialise virtually any of your sporting apparel needs, we at CFD pride our ourselves particularly in our basketball apparel.

At CFD we have a numerous standard template designs available to our clients. However, for those creative creatures keen to customise their own Having a board of directors full of basketball enthusiasts, CFD has first-hand knowledge on what works in terms of functionality and fitting the look when comes down to Basketball gear.